Yesterday was my first ever cleanse day on my 30 day Isagenix plan! I’ll be honest at first I was pretty nervous for my cleanse day because at first I thought it would be super hard to go a whole day without eating food but it turns out it wasn’ all.

I started my day with “Ionix Supreme” which you take everyday and then I drank the “Cleanse for Life” liquid which tasted great! You drink that four times on your cleanse day and then you can actually have little snacks throughout the day and you drink lots of water. By doing this I actually stayed full the entire day. This is truly a great program if you want to achieve overall health, weight loss or improved energy. Also this month it’s loose ten pounds guaranteed or money back! If you are interested leave a comment bellow and I’ll be in touch or visit my website at


30 Days of Isagenix

Hello everyone it’s the new year and everyone is starting there diets but this year instead of just trying another diet that will work only in the short term, I’m doing Isagenix which isn’t a diet but a change in your lifestyle and what your eating.

Right now I’m doing the 30 day weight loss program and then after the 30 days I will adjust what I order based on my needs! I wanted to share with everyone this great program and opportunity to join the new “Results not Resolutions” challenge that you can sign up for now… you can visit my website at if your interested or leave a comment and I will get back to you with more info! During the next 30 days I will be updating this site with my progress!

Lyft Launches in Ottawa!

Lyft has finally launched in Canada’s capital Ottawa!! I have been waiting a long time for lyft to launch here because I used it when I visited the U.S and I personally liked it a lot better then Uber.

They have partnered with CHEO and money from the round-up feature will go to them. “Support from Lyft’s passenger community will go directly to the CHEO Foundation, which provides funds for the purchase of specialized medical equipment, live-saving research, medical and nursing education and assistance for families in crisis,” said CHEO Foundation President and CEO Kevin Keohane.

Ottawa is only the second city that Lyft has launched in, in Canada.

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Hey everyone I just wanted to give a quick update, I’ve been really busy with school so that’s why I haven’t posted in many months but on Christmas holidays I plan on posting more! So as you can clearly see I’ve changed the layout of this site to a Christmas theme which I hope you guys like. I got some good Black Friday deals last week also, I saved over 100 dollars on a PS4 and got some pretty great games also.

Anyways, more to come soon