So Much Homework

Well for the weekend I will be doing a lot of homework I have math homework and in literacy I have to make up a story of the worst day ever. This is a little bit of the story:

Today was the worst day ever! I fell off my bed and hit my head on hardwood floors then I went to take a shower and there was no hot water left because my sister used it all. I new that today was going to be the worst day ever! When I was walking down the stairs I fell all the way down and broke my leg. “Help Help” I was screaming and you could tell my leg was broken because it looked really weird and I was in so much pain. My mom finally came and was so worried she drove me to the hospital right away. My leg was in so much pain nothing had ever hurt this bad for me. I couldn’t wait till we got to the hospital. This was officially the worst day ever.

 We finally got to the nearest hospital and the lady at the front desk of the hospital said that the wait could be up to two hours long. I was in so much pain I though I was going to die. Then my school called my mom and said “Your son has a big Geography test coming up”. I was freaking out because my leg was hurting so bad and I have a huge test coming up and I wont be able to study because I’m stuck at the hospital all day! I couldn’t wait till I got out of hear. They finally called my name out and I went in to see the doctor. The doctor said my leg was broken and there going to have to move in back in place so they were going to have to knock me out. When I woke up my leg was all casted and we were heading to the car to go home.
When I got home I walked in the door and I fell over and when I finally managed to get up I went to get a glass of water and then I spelt it all over me. Then I went and got a leftover burger from the fridge and when I took a bite all the ketchup from the burger spilt all over my legs. Today was officially the worst day of my life
Posted by Alek

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