Halloween Help

I have this journal entry to do and the only subject I could think of was Halloween night but literally I need help…. I can’t think of much this is all I’ve got…Halloween night is so sweet! At around 6:15 pm I head outside. I saw kids dressed as princesses, vampires witches and ghouls, but not me. I was dressed as a hunter of Artemis. I slung my bow and arrow over my shoulder along with my pillow case to store my candy in. I headed over to my neighbours house for my first trick-or-treat of the night, I ended up with 2 handfuls! And that was my first house! I actually thought I’d need two pillow cases if I got that at every house! As I make my way around the block I see yep and that’s as far as I got. Comment some ideas for me to make into a paragraph or two? Thanks, Demi


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