TKaM Essay

Hey everyone hows it going? So over the weekend my English teacher told us to write a rough draft for our essay on To Kill A Mockingbird and to be honest I really didn’t like the book so this essay is pretty boring for me to do because who likes writing an essay on something they really didn’t like? Also it has to be five paragraphs which really isn’t much for a grade nine academic class but I just wish we could choose what we wanted to write the essay on. Have you read “To Kill A Mockingbird” and did you like the book or not? Leave comments below!


Boring Weekend

Hey everyone how has your weekend been? Hope it’s been better then mine because mine is just plain boring! I have literately done nothing really all day then just watch Netflix and tweet. The only good thing I did today was walk to Mechies to get some frozen yogurt. I hope Sunday gets better and I actually find something to do!


TRIX Cereal Is Back!

Recently General Mills brought TRIX cereal back to Canada for a limited time only. Today was the first day I actually tried this cereal and I got to say it tastes GREAT! I really hope they get lots of sales and decide to keep it in Canada for good. Do you like Trix cereal and are you going to go gets some now that it is in Canada??

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