HELP Blackberry or Apple

I really, really want to buy a Blackberry Z10 and there is a deal on it to. But right now I have an iPhone 4. So should I switch from an iPhone 4 to Blackberry Z10?? I need you help please tell me what you think I should do! Thanks.


Long Drives….

I left school early today to go to my grandparents house in Belleville which I was pretty happy about because I really do enjoy going to Belleville. The drive is about a total of probably two and a half hours from my house which isn’t bad but for sum reason it felt like forever this time. We did stop on the way at Costco so I guess that took up some time but now I’ve been here since about six o clock and I’m having a good time. I also here the trains from my bedroom and I like listening to that to and I like the country living style, so basically I like everything about Belleville ON.

Hanging out With Friends

Today my sister and I went to out friends house and had a pretty good time! When we first got there we started to make a YouTube video but then quit half way threw lol. We eat supper and then we all biked to Dairy Queen which was awesome. And we got back to their house just in time to watch the Billboard Awards with singers like Britney Spears.

New Trend: Periscope

There is a new app on the app store and it’s starting to get really popular! This app was created by Twitter and what you do is a live stream and other people can watch whatever you deiced you want to stream. There are so many radio stations that use this and even TV shows like American Idol that do live streams using Periscope. Have you did a live stream using Periscope? Let us know in comments!

School Almost Over…Finally!

So it’s now May 13 and since its May that means only one more moth of school left! Now I don’t mind school closer to the start of the new year when your first going and meeting your teachers and going into a new grade but after that I really just get bored of going to the same school and the same classes every day for a whole semester. But really this is the last month of school were you learn since next month is all exams and summitives which are worse but at least that means it’s closer to summer! Do you guys have any summer plans?

Fitbit’s are Great!

So back in January of 2015 I bought a Fitbit Flex for around 100 dollars and the only reason I really bought it was to see how many steps I get in one day and how well I sleep. Then I started to try and beat my daily goal and started adding some of my friends to do competitions. And I have to tell you that once you start a competition you do NOT want to loose! My one friend was at 21,000 steps and I was only at 15,000 and I started running around the house trying not to loose (I know every in my house probably thought I was crazy) but it actually becomes a competitive game. Anyways my point is that when you compete against people you are actually get some exercises and burning calories and that is my I think Fitbits are great and actually pretty fun.

– AD