Hey everyone so I haven’t posted in at least 10 days and its because I’m on vacation and I never have time to update the website. I will be updating a lot more soon!


My Music Playlists

Hey everyone so all the time I make playlists with a bunch of songs and I update them a lot so if you want to listen to any of my playlists click or scan the QR code below and it will take you to a list of streaming services I make playlist on! In the playlists you might see singers like Luke Bryan, Katy Perry & more! The ONLY links that will work are Rdio, Spotify, Dezzer and Slacker.


Mont Cascades – Water Park

On Sunday I went to this water park in Ottawa called Mont Cascade and in the winter you can go their to go ski, I have never went to ski their but apparently its a good place to go. I went on every water slide except one. I had a great time and it was lots of fun! I went with my neighbors and my cousins and we had so much fun going on all the rides!

Family BBQ Later

Hey everyone it’s finally Saturday!! Today I have my cousins, Aunt’s and Uncle’s coming over to my house for a family BBQ later today so that’s going to be fun. Hopefully it won’t rain so we can go swimming for something to do. Yesterday our power went out in our house and we were shocked because it never goes out usually, but it only lasted like 5 mins. Also I just signed up for the app called Shots so go follow me at alekzander and go follow me on Pheed at alekzander_2000 .