Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone sorry I haven’t posted in like over 14 days! But I just wanted to say Happy Halloween to everyone!!! More posts coming soon!


2 Years Of WordPress Blogs

I just got a notification from WordPress about a week ago which this blog is run on by the way and it said I’ve been blogging for two years now! And I know I took that long break from blogging for a while but it made me think of when I first made this blog with my sister, time goes by so quickly! For the people who have been reading my blog posts from the beginning and for everyone reading now thanks!


New Website Delays

Hey everyone so you know how I said my new website is going to be up tonight well it’s not going to be up tonight but will defiantly be up some time tomorrow! But I will tell you what it’s going to be called, It’s going to be called The Scene.

NEW Website Launch!

Guess what?? I’ve just made a brand new website and I hope everyone really likes! Its going to have all the top news and celebrity new stories plus a bit of blog posts right from this blog! So if you like news and my blog posts you could just visit the new site! It’s lunching at 12:00 tonight and I will post a link at 12.

Hope you like the new site!