Tidal – Music Streaming (It’s the BEST!)

So I recently just signed up for Tidal on there 30 day free trial and I have to say its a really good streaming service and I will be renewing my membership after the trial, it is worth it! On Tidal you can watch music videos and listen to music and for only 10$ a month its not that expensive. So I really don’t know why so many people say its to expensive and it sucks when it’s the same price as Spotify and all you hear in the news is “Jay Z music service fails” but really I think it’s doing pretty well for a new service and even Jay Z posted on his twitter that they have over 1,000,000 users. I will definitely be continuing my subscription and if you haven’t signed up yet I really think you should.


Christmas Music All The Time #Majic100

Majic 100 Ottawa just started to play Christmas music all day long until after Christmas! They do this every year and I think it’s awesome to have Christmas music on all day!! If you don’t live in Ottawa and you want to listen to Christmas music tune in online at http://player.majic100.com/ .



Hey everyone sorry I haven’t posted in literally 20 days! It is really bothering me how I haven’t posted in so long but its been such a busy month so far. It was my birthday a couple days ago, I have had a math test and so much more stuff to get done. Now my science teacher just told me I have a test next Friday! I will try and post as much but I will be posting a lot more in December with Christmas break and everything.