NEW VID! Theme Song Challenge

Hey everyone Merry Christmas check out my new YouTube video below!


Christmas Eve

Well it’s finally Christmas eve and I can’t wait till tomorrow morning! Tonight were going to see the new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie so I can’t wait for that! Have a great Christmas everyone if I don’t blog tomorrow!

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Shomi is the BEST!

I just signed up for the new TV and movie streaming service Shomi on there limited time two month trial and I have to say I’m really liking it already! My family has been a long time Netflix subscriber but I honestly think we might have to switch to Shomi because they have so many TV shows and movies and I can’t stop watching them. It only costs $8.99 per month after the trial so I really think I’m going to be subscribing. I keep watching Malcolm in The Middle, Web Therapy, Doctor Who and Shomi also has Modern Family and I just started watching American Horror Story! I really think you should go try it out at .

Only 2 Days Till Christmas!

I can’t believe that tomorrow is going to be Christmas Eve already, I found that this month went by so quickly! And I have some happy news, I just got a notification from WordPress saying my blog just reached over 50 likes and a over 20 followers! So I’m really happy and thank you for reading my blog and subscribing!

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4 Days Till Christmas

I can’t believe that there is only four days until Christmas, I’m so excited and I can’t wait but it still hasn’t snowed yet so I think were going to have a green Christmas this year. I have been a bit sick the past week so that is why I haven’t posted much. I’m going to be posting a new YouTube video very soon so keep checking the “Alek and Demi on YouTube” page to check for the new video.

Almost Christmas

Hey everyone hows everything going?? I can’t believe that there is only 11 more days till Christmas and I can’t wait! We have had a lot of tests and projects due before the Christmas break starting at the end of this week so I have been really busy. We just got our Christmas tree last weekend and decorated yesterday so I’ve been posting pictures of that on VSCO which I just started using a couple months ago…. It’s like Instagram so go follow me on that (theirs a link below with a little circle).  We have done so much Romeo & Juliet stuff in English class and now we have to write an in class essay! I really can’t wait till Christmas break…. 4 days to go!

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