The Oscars Tonight & Homework!

Hey everyone I thought I would just right a quick blog post before The Oscar Awards tonight on ABC. I found that this weekend went by so quickly like I feel like it was Friday yesterday. My sister and I just finished watching one of our favorite shows from when we were little called The Land Before Time and I watched that with my Shomi membership and we are going to have to watch the brand new one that came out this month I think so I can’t wait for that. I have a History project and a Computer Study’s project both due tomorrow so I have a lot of work to do tonight but hopefully I wont have to present to the class until Tuesday because my name is close to the end of the list. I just re downloaded the Periscope app and just did a very very short live stream just for fun because I haven’t been on the app in so long. So what movies do you think will win at The Oscars tonight? Let me know in the comments below.


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