The BiZ (Week #1) : Nashville, Britney Spears Game & MORE!

Welcome to the first EVERY weekly BiZ! Every Friday I’m going to post the top stories!

Nashville got cancelled this week but for all the fans (Including me) don’t worry Lionsgate TV which is the production company is really trying to find a new network for Nashville and even tweeted today that they are talking to TV networks!


Britney Spears just released her brand new mobile game called Britney Spears: American Dream and you get to be a singer in the game and release albums and I downloaded it and it’s actually pretty fun and addicting. That is available fore FREE on the iTunes and Google Play store.



Ariana Grande just released her brand new album today called Dangerous Women and it’s already topping the charts at #1. You can buy that on her website and on iTunes for only 12.99$.

... do álbum Dangerous Woman, de Ariana Grande | E! Online Brasil



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