Canada’s Wonderland was Awesome!

We went and drove to Toronto on Sunday to go to Canada’s Wonderland for the third or fourth time I think and it was so awesome! I did not go on the biggest ride they have their which was the Leviathan but I did go on the Behemoth which is a roller coaster and is over 200 feet in the air and let me just say that their was a lot of convincing done to try and get me on that ride so I finally went on. Going up that hill of over 200 feet was really scary and so was that first drop but it was worth it because after that the ride was actually really fun and this roller coaster also goes really fast!
Later in the day we went on a lot more rides, I really liked riding the Ghoster Coaster it was in the kids spot but was actually really fun. For the first time we went on The Vortex which was another roller coaster and it was okay but I found it was bumpy. We also went on Wild Beast a wooden roller coaster and it was a really fun ride but we had to wait a long time in the line up and it was soooooooo bumpy (but fun). Anyways we got all our pictures from the rides sent to our emails and overall had a really great time and I hope we get to go again next year!

Bowling Turned Into Ice Cream

Well today a bunch of my cousins and me where all supposed to go bowling for rock n bowl  at night so we went on all the bowling places websites and so many of them were closed on Sundays and then the one place that was actually open costs way to much money for just one round of bowling. Then we thought “hey lets go mini putting” but then we realized that if over like 10 of us went mini putting it would take hours because we would have to wait for everyone to finish, so then we just agreed that we were not going to do anything 😦 but wait then my parents had the idea of us all going to get ice cream at McDonalds so we are actually going to go and I hope I can get a blizzard but even if I can’t McDonalds has really good ice cream and I’m just happy we found a place that we can actually go to.
In other news, earlier today my friend and I where making another video for my YouTube channel and the channel we work on together and this time we recorded it in the pool so we tried to do our best jumps and make the biggest splash. Oh and if you don’t subscribe to me go do that right NOW! My channel is “Alekzander D” and the group one we made is “The Newsroom”.


If you are actually visiting my site today you probably noticed everything looks different and I really hate the new layout! What happened was that I was looking at new theme for a new blog but some how when I was testing the themes it switched the one for Aleks Grotto and I can’t get my old theme back now because they got rid of it because it was a couple years old, so all day now I have been looking threw WordPress themes to try and find one that looks good but nothing really does because everything was made for my other template. So bare with me for the next couple of days well I try and get a good theme and if I can’t I might just make a new Aleks Grotto on Blogger because they have my old theme. 

– Alek

Addicted To “Chrisley Knows Best”

I don’t know if anyone reading this has heard of the show Chrisley Knows Best and if you haven’t you should really watch it. It’s a reality show about the Chrisley family and their really protective dad and it’s so funny. In the US it airs on USA network and in Canada it airs on CMT. Anyways I have been watching the show since season two started and I missed the first half of season four so I have been watching it non stop the past couple of days to catch up and I can’t wait until it starts playing on TV again in September!

Who Does Julie Chrisleys Hair Color | HAIRSTYLE GALLERY

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Britney Spears & Selena Gomez Might Be Working On A Duet!

Everyone’s musical collaboration dreams were just granted! Britney Spears and Selena Gomez just teased a collaboration on Twitter and the internet is freaking out! See what the artists had to say!

via Selena Gomez & Britney Spears Duet Coming & We’re Not Worthy — Hollywood Life

If this actually happens it would be so awesome and it would be the best song ever!!!! PLEASE!