Bowling Turned Into Ice Cream

Well today a bunch of my cousins and me where all supposed to go bowling for rock n bowl  at night so we went on all the bowling places websites and so many of them were closed on Sundays and then the one place that was actually open costs way to much money for just one round of bowling. Then we thought “hey lets go mini putting” but then we realized that if over like 10 of us went mini putting it would take hours because we would have to wait for everyone to finish, so then we just agreed that we were not going to do anything 😦 but wait then my parents had the idea of us all going to get ice cream at McDonalds so we are actually going to go and I hope I can get a blizzard but even if I can’t McDonalds has really good ice cream and I’m just happy we found a place that we can actually go to.
In other news, earlier today my friend and I where making another video for my YouTube channel and the channel we work on together and this time we recorded it in the pool so we tried to do our best jumps and make the biggest splash. Oh and if you don’t subscribe to me go do that right NOW! My channel is “Alekzander D” and the group one we made is “The Newsroom”.

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