Canada’s Wonderland was Awesome!

We went and drove to Toronto on Sunday to go to Canada’s Wonderland for the third or fourth time I think and it was so awesome! I did not go on the biggest ride they have their which was the Leviathan but I did go on the Behemoth which is a roller coaster and is over 200 feet in the air and let me just say that their was a lot of convincing done to try and get me on that ride so I finally went on. Going up that hill of over 200 feet was really scary and so was that first drop but it was worth it because after that the ride was actually really fun and this roller coaster also goes really fast!
Later in the day we went on a lot more rides, I really liked riding the Ghoster Coaster it was in the kids spot but was actually really fun. For the first time we went on The Vortex which was another roller coaster and it was okay but I found it was bumpy. We also went on Wild Beast a wooden roller coaster and it was a really fun ride but we had to wait a long time in the line up and it was soooooooo bumpy (but fun). Anyways we got all our pictures from the rides sent to our emails and overall had a really great time and I hope we get to go again next year!

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