Music Streaming – The Great but Less Known

In this day and age everyone is using music streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music but in this post I’m going to be letting people know of great legal music streaming sites that less people know about but really should use.

1. Slacker Radio
This music site launched in 2007 and is available in the United States and Canada. This site is very similar too Spotify and such but the main difference is all the stations are made by real people and have radio hosts. Personally this is one of my favorites and I have been using it for years and will most likely get a premium membership sometime soon.

2. Jango
This app and website actually launched quite a long time ago as well and is pretty similar to the now shut down service Songza (if people remember what that was). On this service you can’t listen to songs individually but you can create as many stations as you please. I recently rediscovered this app after forgetting about it a few years ago.

3. 8tracks
Well my final recommendation is for 8tracks which is available in the US and Canada only. This service is actually really cool and unlike others. On this all of the playlists are made by people and you can even make your own and whats neat is you actually upload the songs. Once you upload songs you have previously purchased elsewhere it gets added to your mix which then can be shared with your friends and the playlists almost act like mini radio stations so the artists do get paid from the tracks you upload which makes everyone happy.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these legal music streaming sites and hopefully you sign up and test a few of them and maybe even share them with your friends. If you are interested check out my 8tracks playlist below!


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