Hi everyone I’m Alek and in the next few paragraphs I’m going to tell you why Aleks Grotto (Previously Demi & Aleks Grotto) was created in the first place and just a little bit about me and all the history of this website.

About Me:

Hi everyone my name is Alek, I’m 15 years old and I’m currently in grade ten. In my free time I like playing games on the Xbox 360 or the Wii U. I also take piano lessons every week and I have been doing that for over four years but my favorite thing to do in my free time is blog of course. I like to try and keep everyone updated on interesting things that I’m doing and interesting things going on in the media. I’m also a huge Twitter user and I have been on Twitter since 2011 and ever since the first day I joined I’ve kinda been addicted to tweeting and re-tweeting all the time my goal is to reach at least 300 followers one day. I hope you enjoy visiting and if you have any suggestions please leave comments below!


Back in 2013 my sister and I both created this website and it was originally called Demi And Aleks Grotto and we would post just about things we were doing with our family and friends. We were using this website for about two months then we kinda forgot about it, we were only 13 (Alek) and 10 (Demi) so we easily forgot about it and lost interest. Then in 2015 I was just thinking one day what ever happened to that website my sister and I made like two -years ago? So after trying like 100 times to try and get the e-mail and password both correct I finally got in our account. I was ready to start posting and try to get some of our followers back I asked Demi if she wanted to do the blog still and she wasn’t to interested at the time so I changed the name and URL of the website to Aleks Grotto but I also kept the old URL just in case one day she wants to do the blog again. I have been updating the website ever since and I will continue to updated it all the time with new blog posts and new music. Hopefully very soon I will get a domain and remove .wordpress.com from the URL.


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