About Alek

I probably have made over 10 blogs that I completely forgot about.

  • Was born and still living in Ottawa (Only 15)
  • Half Greek but can barely speak it, I can only understand people (sometimes)
  • Obsession…. Binge watching shows on Shomi & Netflix & really like watching reality shows.
  • Pop music is my favorite…. always listening to Majic 100 FM & Hot 899
  • Buying CD’s is way better then digitally downloading albums
  • My goal is to reach 1000 Twitter followers… go follow me @TheChirpee
  • Pasta is my favorite!


Hi everyone my name is Alek, I’m 15 years old and I’m currently in grade ten. In my free time I like playing games on the Xbox 360 or the Wii U. I also take piano lessons every week and I have been doing that for over four years but my favorite thing to do in my free time is blog of course. I like to try and keep everyone updated on interesting things that I’m doing and interesting things going on in the media. I’m also a huge Twitter user and I have been on Twitter since 2011 and ever since the first day I joined I’ve kinda been addicted to tweeting and re-tweeting all the time my goal is to reach at least 300 followers one day. I hope you enjoy visiting and if you have any suggestions please leave comments below!



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