School is DONE

Well another 10 months of school has gone by and I have completed grade eleven and that means just one more year of sitting in a boring classroom listening to people talk and take notes. Overall this year was pretty good and I actually found that it went by pretty quickly but I tend to say that every year of high school. And I don’t know if its just me but I find high school goes by so much quicker then when everyone was in elementary school. Anyways this past semester I had course that were a bit harder like accounting and math but I also had some that I really liked like computer business and also media studies. I completed my last exam yesterday which was nice and my summer vacation has officially started (I just wish it was longer then two months) but I hope all the other students like me have a great summer! Talk soon!!


The Newsroom – Toilet Paper Guy

Watch the second episode to my show on YouTube right now!! I promise this one is going to make you laugh… a lot.

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Mont Cascades – Water Park

On Sunday I went to this water park in Ottawa called Mont Cascade and in the winter you can go their to go ski, I have never went to ski their but apparently its a good place to go. I went on every water slide except one. I had a great time and it was lots of fun! I went with my neighbors and my cousins and we had so much fun going on all the rides!

Family BBQ Later

Hey everyone it’s finally Saturday!! Today I have my cousins, Aunt’s and Uncle’s coming over to my house for a family BBQ later today so that’s going to be fun. Hopefully it won’t rain so we can go swimming for something to do. Yesterday our power went out in our house and we were shocked because it never goes out usually, but it only lasted like 5 mins. Also I just signed up for the app called Shots so go follow me at alekzander and go follow me on Pheed at alekzander_2000 .

Canada’s Wonderland!

We just got back home from going to Toronto to go to Canada’s Wonderland! I’ve been there twice before when I was younger but did not really remember to much so I’m glad I went again. I went on two of the wooden roller coasters they had and that was a lot of fun. I also went on a bunch of other roller coasters and had a great time! My sister went on the Behemoth and that has such a steep drop, I will never go on that lol! Overall we had a great time and would go back! #CWBestDay

Keith Urban At Bluesfest

Well I went back to Ottawa Bluesfest yesterday with my family and my cousins to go see Kieth Urban. He had a long and great show from 9:00 to 11:00 PM. We were pretty close to the front of the stage but not right at the gates like when we went to see Iggy Azalea. He sang a lot of songs from his most recent album “Fuse”. It was a great concert and a fun time!

Image From: Ottawa Citizen