Demi is Back (Sort of)

If you have been reading this blog since the very beginning back in 2013 you all know who Demi is, for people who are new readers you are about to find out. So originally this blog was called Demi & Alek’s Grotto and Demi and I where the ones who ran the site but eventually it just became Aleks Grotto because Demi was busy with other things but now she is back on the grotto (sort of). So Demi launched her new website called Demi’s Book Den so we agreed that every month at least one of her posts about books would be featured on Alek’s Grotto. So every month there will be at least one post from Demi about books and maybe some other things, and if you miss one of her posts don’t worry you can just visit her website at Her first new post on this blog will be coming very shortly!


Radio : Hedley : And MORE

Well this has been an interesting week because last Sunday I was the correct caller for a radio station to win Hedley tickets and it used to be my favorite until the told me I can’t win the tickets cause I’m not 18 so that really got me mad so I honestly have not listened to them since. So now me and my aunt ended up just buying tickets to the concert so I cant wait for that and I will give you guys a review in a couple of days!

Have a good weekend!