Wonder Woman – MOVIE REVIEW

I just went to the theater today to go see Wonder Woman and it was such a great movie! I really like all the DC movies but this is probably my favorite so far. It tells the back story of how she actually became “Wonder Woman” and it was really neat to see. Now I’m really excited to go see Justice League this November!

Oh and sorry this is a short review and that I haven’t posted in a while I’m just really busy with exams!

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Image Source : http://www.rogerebert.com/balder-and-dash/why-is-the-seat-moving-seeing-wonder-woman-in-4dx

Crackle Canada

Hey everyone so I know Crackle has been around in Canada for a long time and I’ve visited the website a couple of times throughout the years but now I just signed up for an account because it looks like its getting a little better and they are starting to add more movies that I have actually heard of, they are also starting to make Crackle Original movies & TV shows which I think is cool. The only thing is, is a lot of the Crackle Original TV shows are missing from Crackle Canada and are only in the US from what I can tell. And there is a new one that is coming out called “Snatch” and apparently in Canada it’s premiering on CraveTV instead of Crackle Canada so I wonder why they are doing that. Wouldn’t it just make sense to premier it on Crackle in Canada cause in the US its going on Crackle since it is a Crackle Original, anyways I have CraveTV so I’m defiantly going to watch this new Crackle Original.  Anyways I pretty much just wanted to know how many of you use Crackle and if you have any suggestions of shows or movies to watch? Let me know in the comment section.

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Jurassic World 2

Since the first Jurassic World was such a big hit the official Jurassic World twitter account announced they are going to be releasing Jurassic World 2. I’m really excited that there will be a squeal even though it probably won’t be as good I can’t wait! But it doesn’t come out until June 2018 which kinda sucks but I’m hoping three years from now I will be blogging about how good the movie is.

Image Source: http://www.jurassicworld.org/

“The Gallows” Movie Review!

Don’t bother going to the theater or even buying “The Gallows” on DVD because it is probably the worst horror movie ever! I went to watch this on the premier date and there was only about 10 other people and I see why not a lot of people went to watch. The movie was being recorded by the actors so it was shaking and annoying the whole movie. The actors were not that good either and the ending is so confusing I actually had to go on Google and search what actually happened. “The Gallows” is more of a suspense and boring movie more then a horror movie. Trust me on this one and DON’T go watch this!