Chapter House Comics! Captain Canuck! 

Back in March I went to my local comic book store and found a new series of comics and they were called the All New Classic Captain Canuck and it was Canadian and it seemed interesting so I bought it. It turned out to be a really good comic book and I really enjoyed reading it. So today I went to their website  this time and bought the most recent issue which is #1 and ordered it so I can’t wait until that comes in the mail soon! I honestly really recommend this comic series and if you want you can read more on their website at Chapter House Comics and order the issues you missed. I can’t wait for issue #2 to come out on May 11th.

Chapter House Website

Rihanna’s new album ANTI is out!

Today Rihanna’s brand new album ANTI came out exclusively on the music streaming service Tidal and lucky for me I have Tidal. I have to say the album is really good and I have listened to it over two times already. If you don’t have Tidal you can sign up for a 30 day free trial and listen to this new album because I think it does not come out on iTunes until next week. ANTI has 13 songs and my favorites are Work ft Drake and Kiss It Better go check out the album on Tidal now:

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Hey everyone sorry I haven’t posted in literally 20 days! It is really bothering me how I haven’t posted in so long but its been such a busy month so far. It was my birthday a couple days ago, I have had a math test and so much more stuff to get done. Now my science teacher just told me I have a test next Friday! I will try and post as much but I will be posting a lot more in December with Christmas break and everything.