RadioPlayer Canada

A brand new radio application just launched today here in Canada and its called RadioPlayer Canada. It’s based off of the UK version but this app has over 400 different radio stations to listen to completly free! iHeartRadio launched earleir this year and it’s very similar except on this app it’s more then just Bell Media radio stations there is Rogers, Corus and more! I do think this app can have some improvements like the layout but otherwise it works great. Everyone in Canada who plays the radio make sure you have RadioPlayer and iHeartRadio!!!


Radio : Hedley : And MORE

Well this has been an interesting week because last Sunday I was the correct caller for a radio station to win Hedley tickets and it used to be my favorite until the told me I can’t win the tickets cause I’m not 18 so that really got me mad so I honestly have not listened to them since. So now me and my aunt ended up just buying tickets to the concert so I cant wait for that and I will give you guys a review in a couple of days!

Have a good weekend!