School is DONE

Well another 10 months of school has gone by and I have completed grade eleven and that means just one more year of sitting in a boring classroom listening to people talk and take notes. Overall this year was pretty good and I actually found that it went by pretty quickly but I tend to say that every year of high school. And I don’t know if its just me but I find high school goes by so much quicker then when everyone was in elementary school. Anyways this past semester I had course that were a bit harder like accounting and math but I also had some that I really liked like computer business and also media studies. I completed my last exam yesterday which was nice and my summer vacation has officially started (I just wish it was longer then two months) but I hope all the other students like me have a great summer! Talk soon!!


Exams are Coming!

Sorry guys this is like the only time I have to blog because I have been studying for all the exams I have next week! I can’t wait till I get them all over with and this term I have all hard courses like Math, Science and English! But at least in term two I have all easy classes and not as many exams either! I’m really bad in science class so I really have to study for that class the most and that exam is on Wednesday I think so I have four days left! Got to go!

Back to School

Well it’s the last day of Christmas break which sucks because I really don’t want to go back to school tomorrow morning and having to wake up early 😦 . But I got some pretty cool things for Christmas like the whole Friends series and a Wii U, and I just bought a new game for it where you get to build your own super Mario worlds which is awesome! I wonder how many times I’m going to post this year??? I’m on my second one right now!

Almost Christmas

Hey everyone hows everything going?? I can’t believe that there is only 11 more days till Christmas and I can’t wait! We have had a lot of tests and projects due before the Christmas break starting at the end of this week so I have been really busy. We just got our Christmas tree last weekend and decorated yesterday so I’ve been posting pictures of that on VSCO which I just started using a couple months ago…. It’s like Instagram so go follow me on that (theirs a link below with a little circle).  We have done so much Romeo & Juliet stuff in English class and now we have to write an in class essay! I really can’t wait till Christmas break…. 4 days to go!

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