Dynasty – Reboot Talk

Recently I was looking at what all the channels ordered pilots for in the 2017 – 2018 season and I came across that The CW was creating a “Dynasty” reboot. Now I have never seen the original series but so far I’m getting really excited that they are going to make this reboot because the show looks like it’s going to be really great.

I know back in 2012 they did a reboot of “Dallas” and that lasted three seasons I’m pretty sure and from the previews that reboot does look really good and even though it got cancelled and I know it ends in a cliffhanger I think I might still go and watch it. Does that sound dumb?

But anyways I’m really hoping that The CW does pick up the “Dynasty” reboot for a full season and not just the pilot. If there are any updates I shall let all you guys know!


RIVERDALE Gets Season 2!

“Riverdale” will keep exploring the mysteries of its characters and the title town in 2017-18. The CW on Tuesday handed out a second-season renewal for the show, a moody, murder-mystery take on the classic Archie Comics characters. The pickup comes six episodes into its first season. It’s the first CW rookie to earn a spot…

via ‘Riverdale’ renewed: First CW rookie to get a pickup this season — TV By The Numbers by zap2it.com

Can’t Stop Watching Lois & Clark (Superman)!

Okay so yesterday I was at WalMart and I started looking at all the TV shows and movies like I usually do and this time they had Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman for only 10 dollars and it was the complete first season. I never watched the show before because it started playing before I was born so I really didn’t know if it was going to be any good or not but right when I got home I started watching it and it turned out to be really good and once I’m done season one I’m going to order season two right away! Right now I’m on the forth episode and I swear each episode keeps getting better, the two main actors in the show are Teri Hatcher who was also in Desperate Housewives and Dean Cain who plays Superman.

Then today I started watching it as soon as I got up from bed and decided to tweet about the show and tag the main actor/actress just to see if I would get a like or reply and guess what I did! Dean Cain who plays superman in the show liked my tweet just about five minutes after I posted it and now I’m really just hoping that Teri Hatcher likes or replies to the tweet too.

Anyways if you haven’t seen the show yet go check it out I think it’s on iTunes but you can also get the first two seasons on WalMart’s website and all of the seasons are available on Amazon. Links below :




Let me know if you have watched Lois & Clark The New Adventures Of Superman in the comment section below!

Addicted To “Chrisley Knows Best”

I don’t know if anyone reading this has heard of the show Chrisley Knows Best and if you haven’t you should really watch it. It’s a reality show about the Chrisley family and their really protective dad and it’s so funny. In the US it airs on USA network and in Canada it airs on CMT. Anyways I have been watching the show since season two started and I missed the first half of season four so I have been watching it non stop the past couple of days to catch up and I can’t wait until it starts playing on TV again in September!

Who Does Julie Chrisleys Hair Color | HAIRSTYLE GALLERY

Website : http://www.usanetwork.com/chrisleyknowsbest 

I finished “Desperate Housewives” & Starting New Shows!

Well after watching Desperate Housewives since January of this year I finally finished all eight seasons of the show. And I have to say that this was one of my favorite comedy-drama series I have ever watched and had a really good ending. And now I was searching Netflix and CraveTV for a new show and I started watching The Mindy Project, 90120 and The Ranch but I also want to catch up on Quantico. Any good show recommendations please comment below…….. I’m gonna miss Wisteria Lane.

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Shomi is the BEST!

I just signed up for the new TV and movie streaming service Shomi on there limited time two month trial and I have to say I’m really liking it already! My family has been a long time Netflix subscriber but I honestly think we might have to switch to Shomi because they have so many TV shows and movies and I can’t stop watching them. It only costs $8.99 per month after the trial so I really think I’m going to be subscribing. I keep watching Malcolm in The Middle, Web Therapy, Doctor Who and Shomi also has Modern Family and I just started watching American Horror Story! I really think you should go try it out at www.shomi.com .

New R.L Stine Series!

If your a fan of Goosebumps by R.L Stine then your going to be happy he has a new book series called Fear Street. This series originally came out years ago but now he is making brand new books in the Fear Street series. But sadly The Haunting Hour that played on YTV got cancelled but maybe there will be a new TV show by R.L Stine coming out soon!